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    The Taiflex Board of Directors is the Company’s highest governing body. The Board is responsible for electing, nominating, and evaluating the performances of senior managers, and establishing the company’s CSR, corporate citizenship, and sustainability strategies.

    The Taiflex Board of Directors is composed of nine directors who are highly experienced in either operations or the industry. Three of them are independent directors: Mr. Chein-Ming, Hsu, Mr. Wen-I Lo and Mr. Shi-Chern Yen. The Board holds at least one regular meeting every quarter.

    Our Board of Directors is a devoted, competent, and independent unit. Under the leadership of Chairman Ta-Wen Sun, the Board is expected to fulfill the following responsibilities: supervise company conducts to ensure all operations are in accordance with related regulations, ensure financial transparency, disclose important information in time, and prevent internal corruption. In order to enhance supervising functions and management mechanisms, the Taiflex Board of Directors has already established numerous organizations and mechanisms, such as the Compensation Committee, the Audit Committee and internal audit. The Board also receives oral reports every quarter from the operation team on economic conditions, environmental protection, CSR (including risk and opportunity assessments, compliance with ethical standards, and personal integrity), etc.

    Taiflex’s management team maintains effective communications with the Board of Directors and also proposes corporate operating strategies to the Board for deliberation and evaluation of the validity of the strategies. The Board also constantly examines the progress of strategy execution and guides the management team to make adjustments accordingly to maximize profits for all shareholders.

    In 2019, Taiflex held seven Board meetings. The attendance records are as follows:

    Title Name Attendance in Person By Proxy Actual Attendance Rate
    Chairman Qiao Mei Development Corporation
    Representative:Ta-Wen Sun
    7 0 100%
    Director Qiao Mei Development Corporation
    Representative: Chun-Yen Chiang
    7 0 100%
    Director Ching-Yi Chang 7 0 100%
    Director Fu-Le Lin 7 0 100%
    Director Fiu Ding Trust & Investment Co., Ltd
    Representative:Jui-Chang Lin
    7 0 100%
    Director Chun-Chi Lin 6 1 86%
    Independent Director Chein-Ming, Hsu 7 0 100%
    Independent Director Wen-I Lo 6 1 86%
    Independent Director Shi-Chern Yen 7 0 100%

    The list of all directors approved by the resolution of 2017 AGM is as follows.

    Title Name Principal Work Experience and Academic Qualifications Positions Held Concurrently In The Company and/or Any Other Company
    Chairman Qiao Mei Development Corporation
    Ta-Wen Sun
    • B.S. Degree in Business Administration, Fu Jen Catholic University
    • Chairman, Qiao Mei Development Corporation.
    • Chairman, Innatech Co., Ltd.
    • Chairman, Yu Pen Investment Corp.
    • Chairman, China Kun-san Taiflex Electronic Material Co., Ltd.
    • Supervisor of BIONET Corp.
    • Independent Director of Advanced Ceramic X Corp
    • Corporate Director (Representative) of San Far Property Limited
    • Executive Director of Puren Youth Care Foundation
    • Director General of Youth Career Development Association Headquarters, R.O.C.
    Director Qiao Mei Development Corporation
    Chun-Yen Chiang
    • Executives Program, Graduate School of Business Administration, National Cheng-Chi University
    • Former President of Taiflex Scientific Co., Ltd.
    • Chairman, Taiflex (Kun-san) Scientific Co., Ltd.
    • Director of Kunshan Taiflex Electronic Material Co., Ltd
    Director Ching-Yi Chang
    • Ph.D in Business Administration, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
    • M.S. Degree in Business Administration, National ChengChi University.
    • Founder/Chairperson of the CID Group
    • Executive Director, Taiwan Venture Capital Association
    • Chairperson of HuaHe Cultural & Creative Management Consultant Corp
    • Chairman & General Manager, HuaWei International Technologies Consultant Corp.
    • Chairman, Global Vision Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
    • Chairman, HuaWei Century Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
    • Supervisor of Quanta Storage Inc.
    • Corporate Director (Representative) of Huasheng International Investment Corp
    Director Fuding Investment Co., Ltd.
    Re-Zhang Lin
    • B.S. Degree in Accounting, Soochow University
    • Chairperson of Taiwan Fu Hsing Industrial Co., Ltd.
    • Chairperson of Fortress Industrial Co., Ltd.
    • Chairperson of Tong Hsing Co., Ltd.
    • Chairperson of ARCTEK Industrial Co., Ltd.
    • Director of Fu Hsing Americas Inc.
    • Director of Fine Blanking & Tool Co., Ltd.
    • Director of Launch Technologies Co., Ltd.
    • Supervisor of Advanced International Multitech Co. Ltd.
    • Director of Arctek (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
    • Director of Allegion Fu Hsing Limited
    • Director of Allegion Fu Hsing Holdings., Ltd.
    Director Chun-Chi, Lin
    • EMBA, College of Management, National Taiwan University
    • Former President of KANTO-PPC Inc.
    • Former Executive Vice President of Global Unichip Corporation
    • Former CEO of Xintec Inc.
    • Former CEO/President of VisEra Technologies Co., Ltd.
    • Independent Director of Favite Inc.
    • Independent Director of Yield Microelectronics Corporation
    • Director/President of TEN Incubator Management Co., Ltd.
    • Director of Capital TEN Inc.
    • Director of Tze Chiang Foundation of Science and Technology
    Director Fu-Le Lin
    • Ph.D in Polymer Science,University of Akron.
    • Former Senior Engineer of Vishay General Semiconductor Taiwan Ltd.
    • Former Analyst of Material Research Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research Institute.
    • Director/Senior R&D Director of Taiflex Scientific Co., Ltd.
    • Chairperson, Koatech Technology Corporation.
    Independent Director Chein-Ming, Hsu
    • Electrical Engineering, Chung Yuan Christian University
    • Former CEO of 3M Thailand Limited
    • -
    Independent Director Wen-I Lo
    • M.S. Degree in Business Administration, National ChengChi University
    • Former Vice President of CDIB Capital Management Corporation
    • Former President of China Venture Management, Inc.
    • Former President of R.O.C. Strategic Company Ltd.
    • Former President of R.O.C. Venture Co., Ltd.
    • Chairperson of FengYi Capital Management Co., Ltd.
    • Independent Director of Allied Biotech Corporation
    • Independent Director of BASO Precision Optics, Ltd.
    • Supervisor of REC Technology Corporation
    Independent Director Shi-Chern Yen
    • Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, University of Wisconsin
    • Professor of Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University
    • Independent Director of LandMark Optoelectronics Corporation
    • Independent Director of Shin Foong Specialty and Applied Materials Co., Ltd.
    • Independent Director of Subtron Technology Co., Ltd.

    The diversity of board members is as follows:

    Diverse core items

    Gender Operation judgment Accounting and financial analysis Mana-gement Crisis mana-gement Industrial knowledge Interna-tional Pers-pective Leadership Decision-making
    Chairman Qiao Mei Development Corporation Male V V V V V V V V
    Representative:Ta-Wen Sun
    Director Qiao Mei Development Corporation Male V V V V V V V V
    Representative: Chun-Yen Chiang
    Director Ching-Yi Chang Male V V V V V V V V
    Director Fiu Ding Trust & Investment Co., Ltd Male V V V V V V V V
    Representative:Jui-Chang Lin
    Director Chun-Chi Lin Male V V V V V V V V
    Director Fu-Le Lin Male V V V V V V V
    Independent Director Chein-Ming, Hsu Male V V V V V V V V
    Independent Director Wen-I Lo Male V V V V V V V V
    Independent Director Shi-Chern Yen Male V V V V V