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Financial Information

Net revenue of the Company amounted to NT$9.64 billion in 2018, a decrease of 13.85% from NT$11.19 billion in 2017. Net income attributable to shareholders of the parent came to NT$672 million, down 8.48% year-over-year. Earnings per share was NT$3.22. The fire at Taiflex Scientific (Kunshan) on January 25, 2018, and the new energy policy announced by the Chinese government on May 31 to slash subsidies for solar energy drove the Company to make strategic adjustments on our energy business, which in turn led to the relatively significant decrease in revenue.

As for our electronic materials business unit, even though the supply of international raw materials was tight in 2018, the unit managed to maintained double-digit growth rate during the year through successful supply chain integration and prompt adjustments on internal resources.

The one-off fire damage and adjustments in energy business resulted in a lower net income in 2018, comparing to 2017. Nevertheless, as we improve our overall operational structure and refocus our strategic directions, we are confident that we can continuously enhance our core competitiveness and regain our growth momentum.

Our electronic materials business unit generated net revenue of NT$8.23 billion in 2018, an increase of 12.2% comparing to 2017. Growth momentum primarily benefited from the following factors: a) our quick responses concerning supply chain allowed us to fulfill customers’ demand under the tight supply of international raw materials and boosted our revenue, b) enhancement in technical capabilities, and collaboration and integration within the supply chain broadened our product application ranges and allowed us to enjoy business opportunities associated with the use of new materials, and c) with our advantages in economies of scale, we became business partners to reputable global companies and are able to gain higher market shares on the current stable customer base to achieve revenue growth.

Our energy materials business unit generated net revenue of NT$1.18 billion in 2018, a year-over-year decrease of 68%. In response to China’s 531 policy and the fire at our Kunshan factory, we adjusted our strategies to lower the overall operational risks and reallocated resources to more promising business units. Consequently, the energy materials business unit suffered a significant drop in revenue comparing to 2017.

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