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    About Us

    Environmental protection and Occupational Safety & Health policies

    Taiflex Scientific Co., Ltd. was originally co-founded by researchers from the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and experts from across Taiwan's electronic materials field. Taiflex’s primary products are flexible laminates, including Flexible Copper Clad Laminate (FCCL), protective “cover-layer” films, and optical materials. Possessing industry-leading technology, Taiflex is the largest flexible substrate supplier in Asia and a major stock (TPE: 8039) listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

    Taiflex regards "environmental protection and a zero accident vision" as the two premises of all production-related activities within the company. Taiflex calls all employees and shareholders to give special attention to environmental protection and occupational safety and health issues, to fulfill corporate social responsibility, and to commit to safe and sustainable operations as our most important principle.

    Taiflex values our employees as the company's most valuable asset. Nothing is more important than the safety and health of the workplace. All personnel and their families rely on this promise of well-being. Due to production procedures such as chemical synthesis, coating, slitting, and process inspection, there is a risk of fire and explosion, exposure to chemicals, and cut wounds, throughout the manufacturing process. In light of these risks, we remain steadily focused on accident prevention, environmental protection, and the win-win principle of corporate development. We at Taiflex promise to carry out operations management in a manner that is wholly consistent with environmental protection best practices. We are dedicated to pollution prevention and carbon reduction, the implementation of energy reduction and effective-use mechanisms, and adherence to strict risk control and safety measures.

    Based on the aforementioned altruistic philosophy, Taiflex is united in a concerted effort to cultivate a conscientious environmental protection and occupational safety culture for our entire workforce. On account of this concerted effort, eight major commitments have been established as the foundation for Taiflex's deeply-integrated environmental protection and occupational safety and health policies.

    • Regulatory Compliance: Commitment to complying with all national environmental protection and occupational health and safety laws, policies, regulations, codes, standards, and other requirements.
    • Green R & D: Commitment to green R & D in order to achieve energy conservation, carbon reduction and pollution prevention, from the perspective of Product Life Management(PLM).
    • Waste Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling: Commitment to continuously improving manufacturing processes, the working environment and equipment, environmental protection and pollution prevention practices, and resource consumption procedures.
    • Whole workforce participation: Commitment to practical policy participation and effective consultation mechanisms at all levels of our organization -- through company executives’ leadership of all staff and stakeholders, Taiflex unceasingly strengthens full staff policy participation in order to promote environmental and safety awareness, as well as to enhance emergency response capabilities.
    • Workplace health and safety: Commitment to maintain workplace safety and to cultivate a happy and healthy work environment, guaranteed for all employees.
    • Risk control: Commitment to identifying all environmental protection and occupational safety risks and opportunities, by means of controlling all operational risks from the source, promoting opportunities for improvement, in order to realize our Zero Accident Vision and create a risk-free work environment.
    • Energy conservation and carbon-emission reduction: Commitment to improving equipment efficiency, implementing carbon-emission reductions throughout the manufacturing process, and conducting comprehensive environmental management in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Perpetual improvement: Commitment to persistently improving environmental protection and occupational health and safety management in order to prevent injury and maintain a healthy workplace.

    This policy has been and will continue to be communicated throughout the company via appropriate channels so as to enable all company personnel to better understand and thoroughly put into practice the environmental protection and occupational health and safety commitments of Taiflex.

    Safety & Health Certification

    • Environmental protection and Occupational Safety & Health policies
    • ISO 14001:2015
    • ISO 45001:2018
    • CNS 45001:2018
    • CNS 45001:2018
    • CNS 45001:2018