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    About Us

    R&D Innovation

    R&D for product innovation is the core competency of TAIFLEX. Our team provides full spectrum products for entire FPC industry through precise coating, lamination process, and sophisticated inspection. Accompany with solid know-how in product recipe innovation, we are able to deliver products in wide range of applications, such as 8um max thickness thin product, fine pitch & high density circuit product, high thermal dissipation for high power; low dielectric loss materials for high frequency& high speed electronic interconnections.

    Now all our products are environmental green, ROHS compliant. With strong knowledge in downstream FPC industry, TAIFLEX is able to provide adequate advisement and post sales service for customer’s technical support.

    TAIFLEX R&D also fused our synergy in energy conservation, renewable energy and Nano-technology. For example, high reliability, thermal conductive TPT & TPE solar back-sheet for PV energy industry has been developed. As a summary, TAIFLEX’s commitment in advanced and green R&D innovation will continue and we welcome you to join a reliable partnership.