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    About Us


    Announcement of the resignation of member of Audit Committee and convenor of Compensation Committee


    1.Date of occurrence of the change:2021/03/17
    2.Name of the functional committees: Audit Committee and Compensation
    3.Name and resume of the previous position holder:
     Dun-Ren Zheng, Chairperson of APAQ TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD
    4.Name and resume of the new position holder: None
    5.Circumstances of change (Please enter “resignation”, “dismissal”,
    “term expired”, “death” or “new appointment”): resignation
    6.Reason for the change: Because of personal reason, Mr.Zheng Dun-Ren resigned
     as independent director and audit & compensation committee of the company on
     March 17, 2021.
    7.Original term (from __________ to __________):
     Term of Audit Committee: from 2020/05/28 to 2023/05/27
     Term of Compensation Committee: from 2020/05/28 to 2023/05/27
    8.Effective date of the new member:N/A
    9.Any other matters that need to be specified:None