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    Corporate Social Responsibility

    CSR Reports & Rules

    • CSR Reports
    • Rules
    • Clause
    • Chapter I. General Provisions

      Article 1.

      TAIFLEX Scientific Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the Company) upholds the belief of “Investing what we get from the society back to itself” while considering corporate social responsibility (CSR) as one of our core values. In order to fulfill our responsibilities as a corporate citizen and improve the balance of economy, society and environmental protection for sustainable growth, we referred to the related laws and regulations of “Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles for TWSE/GTSM-Listed Companies” and thus established rules of practice to follow.

      Article. 2.

      The Company has long devoted to maintaining the benefits of all stakeholders. We value elements regarding the environment, society and corporate governance when pursuing excellence and profitability in our daily operations. Therefore, we have incorporated the fulfillment of CSR into our practices to take on our responsibilities to improve the quality of life for the employees, community and society.

      Article 3.

      The Company’s practice of CSR can be categorized into the following aspects:
      • i. Care for employees
      • ii. Care for customers
      • iii. Commitment to shareholders
      • iv. Fulfillment of CSR
      • v. Commitment to environmental sustainability
      • vi. Corporate governance
      • vii. Improving disclosure of CSR information

      Chapter II. Care for employees

      Article 4.

      The Company shall comply with related labor regulations and guarantee that our employees enjoy the benefits as required by law. Our human resources policies shall respect the principles of basic labor and human rights, which include freedom of association, right of collective bargaining, prohibition of using child labor and elimination of all forms of forced labor. The Company shall inform its employees of any major changes affecting operations and establish appropriate methods and procedures of management to avoid the infringement of labor rights.

      Article 5.

      The Company shall provide a working environment of gender equality and free from any kind of discrimination and harassment. In addition, the Company shall also promote the equality in terms of remunerations, terms of employment, training and promotion, and shall not infringe basic labor rights.

      Article 6.

      The Company shall provide a safe and sound working environment to all employees, which includes necessary health and emergency facilities, periodical trainings of safety and health education and elimination of safety and health hazards to prevent occupational accidents.

      Article 7.

      The Company shall establish an effective career development and training program for its employees.

      Article 8.

      The Company shall establish various channels of communication regarding the operation, management, decision-making processes and planning, hence giving employees equal access to information and opportunities to express opinions.

      Article 9.

      The Company shall provide information regarding local labor laws and regulations to employees to ensure that they are fully informed of their rights.

      Chapter III. Care for customers

      Article 10.

      The Company shall identify quality targets and policies every fiscal year and announce them to all employees as well as publicize the information on the official company website to ensure the quality of products and services.

      Article 11.

      The Company bears the overall needs of our customers in mind and conducts strict selection and quality tests on our products to ensure the delivery of comprehensive services and superior products.

      Article 12.

      The Company shall abide by law, statutory requirements and related international standards when marketing products and services. We consider the interests of customers as the top priority and thus provide transparent, real-time and effective channels of complaints to our customers to safeguard their interests.

      Article 13.

      The Company is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the personal and business information provided by our customers. We never disclose the recorded personal and business information to third parties unless receiving the consent from our customers or utilizing the information for other purposes without prior notice.

      Chapter IV. Commitment to shareholders

      Article 14.

      The Company shall value the right to know of shareholders by fully complying with the related requirements of information disclosure and ensuring the opportunities of shareholders to be fully informed, able to participate and decide in the corporate governance system. Thus, the benefits and rights of shareholders can be safeguarded and treated equally.

      Article 15.

      The Company shall publish and disclose relevant information periodically and inform shareholders of the latest development of the Company in order to ensure that information is fully accessible and transparent.

      Article 16.

      The Company shall uphold the principles of fiduciary operations and implement and promote corporate governance to further ensure the benefits of shareholders and sustainable business operation.

      Chapter V. Fulfillment of CSR

      Article 17.

      The Company shall promote social and philanthropic events through donation-in-kind, volunteering or other professional services and partner with civil organizations, philanthropic and underprivileged or underserved groups focusing on community development and education to promote community development.

      Article 18.

      The Company shall leverage its capabilities and take advantage of the human resources where it operates to contribute to community development and form a sense of belonging among members of the community.

      Chapter VI. Commitment to environmental sustainability

      Article 19.

      The Company shall abide by laws, regulations and international standards relating to environmental protection, protect natural environment and contribute to environmental sustainability when conducting operations and internal management.

      Article 20.

      The Company shall establish an appropriate environmental management system according to the characteristics of the industry it operates in. The environmental management system shall include the following:
      • i. Reduction of resource and energy used in the provision of our products and services
      • ii. Reduction of pollutants, toxic substance and waste, and proper waste disposal
      • iii. Adoption of energy-saving and environmental-friendly raw materials
      • iv. Increasing durability of products
      • v. Enhancing performance and effectiveness of products and services

      Article 21.

      The Environment Safety Division, in charge of environmental protection matters of the Company, maintains and manages environment-related systems as well as offers trainings about the environment to the management team and employees.

      Article 22.

      The Company shall take notice of measures regarding the management of water resources, disposal, greening and green procurement as part of the commitment to becoming an environmental-friendly enterprise.

      Article 23.

      The Company shall develop and implement energy-saving and carbon emission reduction programs and offer internal trainings and education on environmental protection to promote the concept of “save our plant by energy saving and emission reductions” among all employees.

      Article 24.

      The Company shall pay attention to the risks and opportunities incurred by climate change of business operations, conduct greenhouse gas inventory and design measures to mitigate the impacts on the environment of operating activities.

      Article 25.

      The Company shall pay attention to issues related to environmental sustainability and urge suppliers and business partners to value environmental protection to mitigate impacts on the environment due to business operation and fulfill social responsibilities.

      Chapter VII. Corporate governance

      Article 26.

      The Company shall strengthen corporate governance following these guidelines, Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles for TWSE/GTSM Listed Companies, and Codes of Ethical Conduct for TWSE/GTSM Listed Companies.

      Article 27.

      The Board of Directors shall include in the Company’s CSR practice and efforts the following activities:
      • i. Definition and identification of the Company’s CSR mission or vision, and creation of its CSR policy statement;
      • ii. Making CSR an integral part of how the Company runs its operations and how it develops.

      Article 28.

      The Company shall organize education and development programs on ethics and conduct, promote ethical business conduct, and align business conduct standards to the performance assessment of employees. In addition, the Company shall set up a section on its official website specifically for key stakeholders so as to respond appropriately to their expectations and needs.

      Chapter VIII. Improving disclosure of CSR information

      Article 29.

      The Company shall fully disclose relevant, credible, timely and accurate information regarding CSR to improve information transparency. In addition, the Company shall compile a CSR report annually to disclose the implementation of CSR of which the content shall include the following:
      • i. The institutional structure, policies and action plans for implementing CSR;
      • ii. Key stakeholders and issues of concern;
      • iii. The review and evaluation of the implementation of corporate governance, sustainability, social good and economic contribution initiatives;
      • iv. Identification of areas and targets for improvements.

      Chapter IX. Supplementary Provisions

      Article 30.

      The Company shall take notice of the development and change of CSR guidelines and principles both at home and abroad to serve as a basis for improving the CSR system within the Company and the effectiveness of implementation.

      Chapter X. Methods of disclosure

      Article 31.

      The Company shall disclose its CSR guidelines and the revisions in its annual report.

      Chapter XI. Enforcement

      Article 32.

      The Company shall adopt and implement the CSR guidelines and its revisions upon the approval of the Board of Directors.

      The guidelines were approved on February 27, 2013.

      First revision: Approved on February 26, 2015.