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    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Safety measures at work place

    Category Details
    Access Security
    • The Company has established “Regulations Governing Fab Access”, “Procedures for Security Guards on Duty”, etc. to specify the routes and monitor movements of personnel within the factory premises in order to maintain the safety of factories and all personnel.
    • Stringent surveillance on all exterior and major interior entrances and exits with security camera or access security system.
    • Security guards are situated in Factory One and Three at all times, and in Factory Two at night time to assist with securing the premises.
    • Quarterly inspection and maintenance on security camera and access security systems.
    • Security systems installed in all factories with on-line connection to the security firm.
    • Monthly education and training sessions for security guards, simulating all possible scenarios and carrying out security drills.
    Equipment Maintenance
    • Annual public safety inspection by specialized company according to regulations for buildings public safety and reporting procedures.
    • In accordance with the Fire Services Act, annual fire safety inspection shall be conducted by outer sources and periodic maintenance and inspection of fire safety equipment shall be performed.
    • Pursuant to the Regulations for Management of Occupational Safety and Health, periodic maintenance and inspection on high/low pressure electrical equipment, dangerous equipment/machineries, ventilation systems, drinking fountains…etc. shall be performed.
    Disaster Prevention and Response
    • The Company has stipulated “Rules for Occupational Safety and Health”, “Emergency Procedures”, “Regulations for Emergency Management Services and Investigations”…etc. to clearly define individual’s responsibilities and tasks in major events such as fire and floods. Sessions on prevention measures and drills are held regularly.
    • The Company invites local fire department to hold lectures on fire drills and safety each year and participates in local fire union to maintain safe operations in the area.
    • The Company establishes a first class, professional safety and health department, the environment safety division, to promote safety and health related activities.
    Physical Health
    • Health checkup: New recruits require health checkups prior to commencement of work. Present employees are entitled to periodic health checkups at a shorter interval than what is required by laws. Specialized personnel will proceed with relevant health management plans according to the test results.
    • Work environment: Periodic disinfection and cleaning of the premises by specialized personnel.
    • Sessions of health education and sports competitions to improve relevant knowledge and health awareness.
    • Ergonomic hazard prevention, control measures for labor overload, and guidelines for maternity health protection.
    Mental Health
    • Education and training: provide lectures of stress relief and communication techniques to assist in employees’ mental adjustment.
    • Feedback: Placement of suggestion boxes in all factories and employee discussion forum on the company website to provide an outlet for employees to express ideas and thoughts.
    • Prevention of violence and sexual harassment: Set up means to file complaints and establish rules on penalties.
    Management of Contractor Operations The Company establishes “Rules Governing the Management of Contractors’ Workplace and Safety and Health” to prevent occupational hazard, protect the safety and well-being of contractors and Company employees and define contractors’ rights and responsibilities regarding safety and health issues. The Rules are served as the basis for managing contractors.
    Insurance and Medical Relief The Company participates in employee’s labor insurance and national health insurance in compliance with relevant regulations. Pursuant to the Labor Insurance Act and Enforcement Rules of the Labor Insurance Act issued by the Ministry of Labor, the Company assists employees in apply for insurance benefit payments from the Bureau of Labor in instances of child birth, injury, illness, disability, seniority and death. In addition, the Company also provides group insurances paid by the Company. The insurance policy covers life insurance, critical illness insurance, accidental injury insurance, accidental medical and hospitalization cover, and cancer treatment insurance. Employees’ family dependents can participate in the insurance scheme at their own expenses at a special rate. Employees are also entitled to cash gifts for new babies and reliefs for hospitalization.