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    All frequently asked questions are listed for your reference, please reach our IR contact for assistance if you need more detailed information.

    Investor Relations Contact: Charles Chang
    Deputy Spokesperson

    • 1. When is 2015 AGM convened?
    • TAIFLEX’s 2015 AGM was convened in No.1, Huanqu 3rd Rd., Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan at 9 am on Thursday, May 28, 2015.

    • 2. When were TAIFLEX established and listed?
    • TAIFLEX was established on August 16, 1997. The stocks of TAIFLEX (8039.TW) began to be traded on the OTC on December 19, 2013, while listed on the TSE on December 17, 2009. Please refer to “ABOUT US” on our official website.

    • 3. What is TAIFLEX’s fiscal year?
    •  TAIFLEX’s fiscal year end is December 31.

    • 4. Where may you search TAIFLEX’s financial information?
    • Please refer to "FINANCIAL INFORMATION" on our official website for consolidated revenues monthly, quarterly, annually, main product revenues and FINANCIAL REPORTS.

    • 5. How many issued shares of TAIFLEX are currently?
    • Please refer to Market Observation Post System (MOPS), and search from "PROFILES".

    • 6. What is the stock code of TAIFLEX?
    • The stock code of TAIFLEX is 8039.TW.

    • 7. Where may you search stock quotes of TAIFLEX?
    • For historical trading price, please refer to TWSE website and search from “DAILY CLOSING PRICE”. For instant trading price, please refer to “STOCK QUOTES” on our official website, or refer to Market Information System and search from “GET STOCK”.

    • 8. What do you need to do in order to participate in TAIFLEX's dividend payments?
    • A shareholder must own TAIFLEX shares through the day before the ex-dividend date to be entitled to the proposed dividend payment.

    • 9. What is TAIFLEX's historical dividend payout?
    • Please refer to "DIVIDENDS" on our official website for more information.